Perceived Disadvantages of a Florida Move

While advantages may abound for moving in to Florida, there are also perceived disadvantage. However, this should not discourage you from making a decision to relocate. If you wish to have a “Change of Address Florida,” then you may need to verify the truthfulness of the listed disadvantages and make an evaluation. Disadvantages can be turned around if you have a macro view of the situation.

The place may be too Hot for you

One perceived disadvantage of a Florida move is the reason that the place may be too hot for you. There are times in the year when it is not only hot but humid. It may not matter much if you are a tourist but if you become a resident, this is a different matter. One other thing is that when you reside in the place and you get used to the weather, when you go to a different place, what may be hot weather for them will be completely the opposite for you. The weather is observed to be somewhat treacherous on June, July and August of each year.


You may Outgrow your Home Faster

While finding a home may be an easy experience for you if you decide to move in, remember that there is a possibility of outgrowing your home fast. If your relatives or friends find out that you are in the Sunshine State, they will surely plan to pay you a visit. This can be a start of an unending string of visitors and if you bought a small home with no extra room for visitors, you can outgrow your newly purchase house that fast. With all the beaches and theme parks in Florida, everyone will want to go, more so if they have a friend or relative who lives in the area.

Home Insurance may be Astronomical

Homes are cheap many have observed but the home insurance can be very high. This is true in areas that have a history of cyclone or hurricane occurrence. Before settling and buying a home, try to ask for the insurance rates. If these are absurdly high, then you are probably in a location that is prone to disaster. Look for another home elsewhere or nearby that has a lower home insurance premium. With five large areas to choose where to live, you can surely make a good choice on your home investment. You may end up having a cheap home plus cheap home insurance.

Hurricanes are just around the Corner

This is what many are afraid of. Many believe that the hurricane is just around the corner. In reality, a check on the occurrences of strong hurricanes records that it does not actually happen on a yearly basis. Strong hurricanes like Katrina usually happen on a fifty year cycle. It just means that the chance of having a hurricane happens just once or twice on a fifty year cycle. You may be able to experience a strong hurricane, just one in your lifetime if this is the case.